Frequently Answered Questions

Unlimited is a prototype project. As it is not a commercial product, there are not unlimited resources. But as long as the environment can handle the load, you can run unlimited transfers.

Unregistered users are currently limited to 3 transfers a day. Just register an account to get access to the unlimited transfers feature. It's free.

Secure will only work over an encrypted connection (TLS). Every upload & download is secure.

All data is stored encrypted in the database with the exception of the e-mail addresses, as we need them to send you notifications.

Some log data is stored for abuse prevention. There are no e-mail-addresses visible in the log data. You can investigate your data here.

All stored data resides on our own hardware in switzerland.

You still need to be aware, that your transfers are intended to be available to others via internet.

Swiss is privately developed in Zurich, Switzerland. All infrastructure is located in Zurich too. The technologies used base on Open Source projects.

The main parts are built with PHP and libsodium.

How long is a transfer valid?

As a transfer contains sensitive data and should be removed as fast as possible from the internet, transfers can only be retrieved 3 times.

Not retrieved transfers expire after 2 days and are removed permanently and automatically from the system. There is no way to recover a transfer. Nor can we recover any lost access tokens.

Something left to say?

We love to hear your questions and feedback, as long as it is constructive. Drop a note to us.

We love you too.